AskReddit Thread: Reasons People Quit Their Jobs On The Spot

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Unfortunately, far too many of us end up missing the red flags at jobs that can end up costing us all kinds of precious energy further on down the road. The reasons these people ended up dishing out for why they had to quit their jobs on the spot seem entirely warranted. Sometimes you've just gotta dip out on the scene as soon as possible. Check out some of the biggest red flags that people got during job interviews over here. Maybe you'll be able to take their own lessons with you so that you don't find yourself in the same boat as them. 

  • Font - pasecet477 · 1d 1 Award My boss not letting me have a weekend off for my best friend's wedding because a co-worker wanted a dirty weekend away with the married guy she was having an affair with. The married guy was my boss by the way. I was a bridesmaid and had booked the weekend off 10 months in advance. I quit on the spot and told my boss' wife he was cheating on her. My best friends wedding was lovely. G Reply 807 3 ...

  • Smile - Maleficent-Death · 2d I was made to take care of 20 toddlers under 3 with about half an hour of training at a daycare. I quit day 2. G Reply 4 401 3

  • Font - VTCHannibal • 1d I didnt intend to quit on the spot, i did get sent home after. So after college i got called by a headhunter basically who told me about a sales position for building materials. I worked at a home improvement store and was in school for building engineering. I needed a job post college, and so i went to the interview. It was a new location and i would be working with one other guy. I spent the first week helping set up the shop. I really didnt want to do this, but was tie

  • Font - youenjoymyself · 1d Was working a high volume Italian restaurant chain on garmo (salads, appetizers, flatbread pizzas, desserts). Easily over 1000 covers a night. Had been there about a year and the last few weekends I had to solo the station when usually there were 3 of us. One beautiful summer Friday evening I found out I was soloing again, so I asked the chefs if anyone was available to give me a hand. They said they called a guy who'd be in by 6pm. 7pm rolls around and still no one. I

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  • Font - idontcare4205 · 1d I worked as a nanny during the day and a waitress at night. I nannied for two kids, a 3 month old and his 5 year old brother who was severely autistic. Needless to say it was very challenging but the 5 year old and I eventually got into a good groove. His parents did not offer any support to me or their child. The dad "worked from home" which meant he played call of duty on the couch all day while I took care of his kids and the mom was at work. Eventually I noticed my

  • Font - ijustneedanametouse · 1d Restaurant hosting. Manager called me in on Friday to cover for Saturday. Then he called me in on Saturday to cover for a Sunday. I had plans that weekend, and I was already busy with school, and I already worked throughout that week. I decided no, you're not allowed to just summon me whenever you want. Bye-bye. G Reply 4 44 3 ...

  • Font - nicless · 1d Worked at Best Buy years ago. This was my second job, that I worked at for fun and the discount. I only worked weekends because I had a full time job during the week. Back then, when the next weeks schedule was done a manager would hand it to a person on the team and they'd put it in our little media backroom. Well, I didn't have my schedule for next week yet and it was Saturday. There were none to be found which was odd. I asked a manager for a copy so I knew when to come in

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  • Font - diabeetus01 • 1d A BBQ joint, they moved me to dish shifts alongside a pay increase. Found out from other dishwashers they were starting them off higher than they were now paying me. Ask boss for a raise to this amount, get told no, quit. G Reply 4 11 3 + ...

  • Font - in_this_cell · 1d Manager bumped into me because he was talking to someone else and I spilled the food and drinks I was carrying. He called me an idiot and said to go get a new shirt. G Reply ...

  • Rectangle - ButterCreamedWaffles • 1d Well when your boss yells at you and demeans you in front of customers on your 3rd day of working, while having anxiety and not feeling good enough, that'll do it. G Reply

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  • Font - Our department had a goal of meeting a certain deliverable, it was $5000 for all of us to be divvied out by our boss and he would also get a Rolex or something like that. I ended up getting like half of what the average would be despite being the most prolific worker. A few days later I was just fed up so I said later and left. 6 Reply 1 13 3 ...

  • Rectangle - Pantastic_Studios • 1d Share a cheap motel room with 6 other guys and only 2 beds for 4 days. Didn't stay for one hour. Half hour walk to nearby walmart to get a ride back home 2 hours out. G Reply ...

  • Font - LawlessHawk • 1d Boss told me i was scheduled to work the weekend of my wedding, told him ive had that scheduled and approved for 6 months now. His exact words were "sorry, but i dont care" told him ill go get supplies for the weekend. Packed my shit and turned my phone off. Got married and had a fabulous 5 day weekend before i started a new job in a feild i love. 6 Reply 1 126 3

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  • Font - ambrosiadeux• 1d Worked in a cafe. New manager fired/cut everyone's hours except for me and one other guy. We had a total of 5 people at work. Only 2 including me worked the kitchen. One day I asked the other kitchen person to cover my shift in the morning and they did. That manager came in and fired her because she got mad and called me and said I needed to come in asap and work literally 8am to close and also work pretty much every single day that week open to close. Came in a lost it w

  • Font - Scottishchicken · 2d I had a full time factory job working 3rd shift. On the weekends I worked at a restaurant in the mall. I basically picked up shifts to help the manager, and most the time the money was good. I had worked at the restaurant before the factory job. Once I moved to weekends only the boss started cutting me first. After a month or two of this I was getting frustrated. So after only making $30 on a Friday night I told the boss I wasn't coming back. It wasn't worth my time.

  • Font - Strokedoutbear · 2d My Grandfather passed away which was sad but it meant that having a job became optional. My boss was a jerk and would send me on wild goose chases and yoyo my position. One day I was a stocker, the next I was a bag boy and then a cashier. Always dangling a better position and then snatching it away. I had worked as a cashier for several days and came in to find I had been moved back to bag boy. I handed him my apron and hat and left. Never looked back. + G Reply 4 26 3

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  • Font - QuinteX1994• 1d Boss was throwing a fit because I didn't want to instruct a temp worker to stand inside a robotics setup and interacting with a working robot capable of killing the man where he would have to stand. Business later was forced to close with a mega fine for doing just this. Appearantly other employee didn't mind and it was caught. G Reply 1 25 ...

  • Font - b42ad · 2d I woke up and realised that if I had to spend one more day there, I'd probably walk into traffic. The stars aligned because I quit on the spot, found a job opportunity the next day and started my next job the following week. G Reply 1 23 3

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