⚡ 10 Members of Permenent Parliamentary Gender Equality Council Meet With Representetives of Us Embassu to Discuss Laws Pertaining to Domestic Violence
⚡ 6 Anri Okhanashvili Meets with Acting Head of EU Delegation to Georgia, Discusses Process of Implementing EC’s 12-Point
⚡ 9 ARDI Announces up to USD 2 mln Capital Injection by International Investors and New Independent Supervising Board Member, Wolfgang Wand Join the Company
⚡ 1 Georgian Women’s Chess Team Wins Silver Medal of 44th Chess Olympiad
⚡ 0 Sabina Chantouria’s New Music Video For the Song ‘Blood On Your Hands’
⚡ 0 In 2020-2022 Report Published by National Center for Disease Control 153 Medical Personnel Died of Coronavirus in Georgia
⚡ 0 Estonian PM: Time to End Tourism from Russia – Now
⚡ 8 Degnan on Meeting with Ivanishvili: We did not Discuss his Personal Financial Deals, Sanctions, or Anything that Could be Seen as Blackmail or Attempt to Drag Georgia Into War
⚡ 6 12,729 Coronavirus Cases, 8 Deaths Detected in Georgia Within a Week
⚡ 6 TBC Bank Uzbekistan Attracts $35.1 million of Additional Capital
⚡ 15 First Stage of Project ‘Camp of Gastronomic Knowledge’ Comes to an End
⚡ 11 Jim Risch: 14 Years Passed since Russia’s invasion of Georgia. This Violation of Sovereignty & World’s Weak Reaction Led to Impunity of Putin
⚡ 10 Protest to be Held Today at Belarus Embassy Tbilisi on 2nd Anniversary of Presidential Elections Fraud
⚡ 5 Economy Minister: Important Part of Abkhazia – Kodori Gorge – Was Lost in 2008
⚡ 0 Up to 15 Streets in Tbilisi to Be Named After Russia-Georgia War Heroes
⚡ 21 Luxurious and High-Quality Service from Mega Boss
⚡ 16 US Embassy: We Remember How it Began, We Remember This Day, We’ll Stand with Georgia!
⚡ 10 PM of Lithuania: 11 Days’ War Was Ended with Peace Deal but Peace Never Came, Because Appeasement Only Nourishes Aggressor’s Appetite
⚡ 17 Major Gen. (ret) Mike Repass: “We Need a Coalition of the Willing to Get Russia out of Ukraine”
⚡ 13 Antony Blinken: The Kremlin Must Abide by the Commitments of the 2008 Ceasefire
⚡ 6 PM: We Chosen Peaceful, Reasonable Policy as Way to Restore Territorial Integrity and Unify Country, and We Believe that We Will Definitely Achieve Goal
⚡ 6 President: In Order to Move Forward, It’s Necessary to Be United
⚡ 12 In Coonnection with 14TH Anniversary of 2008 Russia-Georgia War, in Honor and Memory of Fallen, State Flag Was Lowered Over Building of Government Administration
⚡ 18 Sarjveladze: It is Important to More Actively Apply Jurisprudence of Strasbourg Court in National Jurisdiction
⚡ 14 GD Chair: Authors of Xenophobic Campaign Want to Drag Georgia into Military Conflict
⚡ 17 Road to Tusheti to be Modernized in $34 mln Project
⚡ 17 Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee to Initiate Legal Package Related to 11th Task of Recommendation Set By EC
⚡ 21 First Sitting of Working Group on Deoligarchization at Legal Issues Committee
⚡ 30 Putinists Attack Dedaena Bar on Internet, Georgians, Ukrainians Fight Back
⚡ 20 Interview with the Founders of the Georgian-Ukrainian Commonwealth Alliance
⚡ 28 Prof. Alexander Etkind on Russian Defederalization and the Expected Outcomes
⚡ 17 Russia’s Invasion Week 22: US Sanctions More Oligarchs, Senate Expected to Approve Finland, Sweden Joining NATO
⚡ 24 New Branch of Hebashi Holding Group in Saudi Arabia
⚡ 20 Tragic Gudauri Crash Claims 8 Lives, 1 Tourist Dead in Paragliding Accident