⚡ 12 The new device could be an artificial pancreas for diabetics
⚡ 11 A startup intends to create artificial human embryos to harvest tissues for transplants
⚡ 11 A solar wind stream unexpectedly hit Earth at 372 miles a second
⚡ 10 A new study identifies lower sex drive and hair loss as long COVID symptoms
⚡ 7 Video reveals one week of a blue whale negotiating with heavy vessel traffic
⚡ 8 New research by MIT scientists shows how microglia contribute to Alzheimer’s disease
⚡ 17 No need to dismantle a bridge: Bezos' mega yacht has been towed from a Dutch shipyard
⚡ 18 The first-ever complete map of immune system connections offers new pathways to therapies
⚡ 14 Fiddler crab’s eyes inspire researchers to develop amphibious artificial vision
⚡ 23 Bill Gates-backed startup is using robots to build enormous solar farms
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⚡ 20 A mysterious metallic orb that might hold valuable information was found in Mexico
⚡ 14 Human footprints from 12,000 years ago found at Air Force’s Utah range
⚡ 12 Humans could breathe out of their buttholes like pigs, and trials will begin this year
⚡ 28 Scientists discover light as 'glue' in a loosely linked molecule
⚡ 21 Scientists discover moths’ nocturnal ‘pollination services’
⚡ 16 Russia has allegedly launched a new stalking satellite to eavesdrop on U.S. space assets
⚡ 19 A massive asteroid, discovered last month, is traveling toward Earth at 20 miles a second
⚡ 12 Tonga eruption sent enough water to fill 58,000 Olympic pools into the atmosphere
⚡ 93 The US procures agricultural taildragger model-based aircraft for Armed Overwatch program
⚡ 40 An engineering breakthrough using DNA could unlock the quantum computing revolution
⚡ 18 Volkswagen China's eVTOL prototype will fly over a distance of up to 120 miles without a pilot
⚡ 26 Sea waves power homes for 12 months, thanks to a blowhole wave generator
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⚡ 43 Hellfire R9X: The rarely known missile that took down Al Qaeda's top leader
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