⚡ 6.69 A century ago, Alexander Friedmann envisioned the universe’s expansion
⚡ 4.46 Caribou gut parasites indirectly create a greener tundra
⚡ 20.07 Why some scientists want serious research into UFOs
⚡ 11.15 These dolphins may turn to corals for skin care
⚡ 15.61 Unexplained hepatitis cases in kids offer more questions than answers
⚡ 26.76 Here’s why pipe organs seem to violate a rule of sound
⚡ 11.15 A galactic smashup might explain galaxies without dark matter
⚡ 31.22 COVID-19 has killed a million Americans. Our minds can’t comprehend that number
⚡ 51.29 A Denisovan girl’s fossil tooth may have been unearthed in Laos
⚡ 28.99 Pressure to conform to social norms may explain risky COVID-19 decisions
⚡ 40.14 High-energy neutrinos may come from black holes ripping apart stars
⚡ 46.83 A ‘mystery monkey’ in Borneo may be a rare hybrid. That has scientists worried
⚡ 35.68 Farmers in India cut their carbon footprint with trees and solar power
⚡ 15.61 A special brew may have calmed Inca children headed for sacrifice
⚡ 49.06 NASA’s InSight lander has recorded the largest Marsquake yet
⚡ 22.3 Experiments hint at why bird nests are so sturdy
⚡ 33.45 Prehistoric people may have used light from fires to create dynamic art
⚡ 26.76 We finally have an image of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way
⚡ 53.52 Machine learning and gravity signals could rapidly detect big earthquakes
⚡ 31.22 Here’s the latest good and bad news about COVID-19 drugs
⚡ 22.3 Eating meat is the Western norm. But norms can change
⚡ 11.15 Baby marmosets may practice their first distinctive cries in the womb
⚡ 28.99 Why it’s so hard for a one-hit wonder to have a lasting music career
⚡ 78.05 The sun’s searing radiation led to the shuffling of the solar system’s planets
⚡ 35.68 These bats buzz like wasps and bees. The sound may deter hungry owls
⚡ 91.43 How to wash chicken in the kitchen more safely, according to physics
⚡ 22.3 These six foods may become more popular as the planet warms
⚡ 26.76 50 years ago, scientists had hints of a planet beyond Pluto
⚡ 42.37 Oat and soy milks are planet friendly, but not as nutritious as cow milk
⚡ 26.76 Latin America defies cultural theories based on East-West comparisons
⚡ 33.45 Replacing some meat with microbial protein could help fight climate change
⚡ 17.84 How some sunscreens damage coral reefs
⚡ 26.76 A very specific kind of brain cell dies off in people with Parkinson’s
⚡ 26.76 How much does eating meat affect nations’ greenhouse gas emissions?